Quand Le Vin Est Tiré, Il Faut Le Boire

"Wake up, milady." The Nursery maid cooed as she strolled over to the window opening the thick curtains. As the early morning light flooded in it danced off of Aubrey’s golden hair. "You have a big day today." Quickly laying out clothes for the young, tired, nation. "A very important guest. Come on, time to wake." The maid removed the covers from Aubrey as Aubrey stretched. "Good morning." The woman kissed Aubrey’s head.

"A guest?" Aubrey repeated groggily still half asleep.

"Yes. Now, come on, we must get dressed the will be here before noon." Draping a dress over her arm the Nursery maid watched as Aubrey crawled out of bed, placing her small feet on the cold wooden floor. Wasting no time, the maid undressed and then redressed Aubrey.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Aubrey, noticed she was wearing one of her very fine dresses. “This is for parties, like the King’s birthday. Why am I wearing it? How important is this guest?” Aubrey demanded looking up at the smiling woman.

"You will find out soon enough. Now, let’s fix your terrible hair. It looks like one big knot." The maid teased leading Aubrey over to the vanity and began combing her silky hair.

"Man, woman?"

"Man…well, boy, more like."

"Boy." Aubrey repeated racking her brain for any possible people.

"A young Marquis? Non, a Sire?" Aubrey beamed quite certain one of those was correct. "Maybe a Duc? Has anyone died recently?"

"Non." The maid chuckled braiding Aubrey’s hair. "There, all done. Let’s go play in the drawing room. Oui?"

"Oui." Aubrey grumbled as she leapt from the chair. She would figure out who was coming and she would do so before he arrived.